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General & Access Ramps

General and access ramps are made from robust materials and manufactured to last, even under the most demanding conditions. They are commonly found at many different types of businesses as well as some homes. It is often the case that older buildings are not able to offer the appropriate access for people in wheelchairs. General and access ramps are a cost-effective solution for preventing wheelchairs, trolleys and mobility scooters from having to mount a kerb to reach their destination. They are also invaluable for business premises and homes that need to provide interior access points for people in wheelchairs or scooters.

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934 x 1525 mm(1)
934 x 1830 mm(1)
934 x 2134 mm(1)
934 x 2440 mm(1)
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When you have to solve an access problem quickly, our general and access ramps are ideal. They are easy to slot into place and can be removed when not in use. Don’t wait for the council to drop the kerb outside your warehouse when these ramps can easily remedy your access issue. For medical premises, schools and libraries, our Standard Ramps with Handrails enable wheelchair users to enter and exit through a doorway independently. They have handrails to add extra support and a non-slip base to guard against sliding. When the ramp is not in use, its handles can be folded away for transportation. For an even more portable solution, one of our Briefcase Ramps allows both pedestrians and those in wheelchairs to access a property. When it’s no longer needed, you can simply fold it in half and pack it away until next time. For a gentler way of achieving accessibility, our Door Threshold Ramps, made from fibreglass, can be used on PVC and wooden entry points. Once it has been placed in the ideal spot, this ramp allows a door to open and close as normal, so you won’t need to prop it open and worry about the security risk of doing so. For an adjustable version, our Folding Threshold Ramps are very flexible pieces of equipment that work well in many different environments. They are easy to install across a uPVC doorframe and provide an entrance for people with mobility problems, including those using a walking frame and those in manual wheelchairs. Beneath the slip-proof base, there are adjustable feet to ensure that the ramp can cope with differing floor levels. These ramps are also easy to remove and relocate using a folding mechanism and a handle, which is designed to be comfortable when in use.

Whatever the access needs of your building, home or workshop, we have general and access ramps to meet your requirements. The high quality and versatility of our ramps ensure that you can easily find the perfect piece of equipment.

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