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Heavy Duty Ramps

Our Heavy-Duty Ramps have a range of applications around the workplace, and they are popular items with many types of businesses and home owners. This type of ramp is generally placed in a doorway to bypass a step, but it can also be used if a wheelchair-bound person needs to negotiate a particularly high kerb. Many older premises that have public entrances are not able to provide the level of accessibility required by law without installing a ramp. We have a wide selection of heavy-duty ramps to choose from, each with different features and benefits, depending on the kind of usage that you have in mind.

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245 x 550 x 130 mm(1)
245 x 550 x 70 mm(1)
245 x 870 x 70 mm(1)
660 x 1200 mm(1)
736 x 1370 mm(1)
736 x 1830 mm(1)
736 x 914 mm(1)
75 x 781 x 457 mm(1)
760 x 1200 mm(1)
760 x 1500 mm(1)
760 x 1800 mm(1)
760 x 2100 mm(1)
760 x 2400 mm(1)
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895 x 1220 mm(1)
895 x 1525 mm(1)
895 x 1830 mm(1)
895 x 2134 mm(1)
895 x 2440 mm(1)
895 x 610 mm(1)
895 x 914 mm(1)
934 x 1220 mm(1)
934 x 1525 mm(1)
934 x 1830 mm(1)
934 x 2134 mm(1)
934 x 2440 mm(1)
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Buying Guide

Anyone who has spent time in a wheelchair or knows someone who has will be aware of how frustrating it can be when access is limited. In a workplace, it is essential to keep employees who are restricted to a wheelchair safe, even if they will only be using it for a short period. Temporary ramps, such as our Portable Access Ramps, provide an immediate solution without the need for any permanent remodelling of a building. They are an easy fix for a complex problem and a cost-effective method of making any area navigable for wheelchair users. Before you make a decision on which to buy, however, it’s best to look at the various options available. This can help you establish which design best suits your workplace and the environment where it will be used.

Prior to buying a ramp for your building, it’s important to check on the weight restrictions of each particular model. These will include both the wheelchair and the person using it. Our Standard Ramps with Handrails are safe for use with a mobility scooter, but others, such as the Briefcase Ramp, are designed to carry pedestrians and wheelchair users only.

Our Portable Access Ramp is a good idea for people who will be travelling to locations where they may need a ramp. These could include business visits to a private office or retail unit that is not usually accessible for wheelchairs or motorised scooters. This ramp is also a helpful solution for those times when a trolley or wheelbarrow will be moving back and forth through a doorway with a high step.

A folding ramp is easy to store when not in use and can also be transported in a car or small van. It is ideal if your workplace occasionally needs a heavy-duty ramp that is robust and sturdy but will not form part of a permanent fixture.

Our Channel Ramps provide a non-slip surface, created from an anodised aluminium alloy, which ensures that slippage is not an issue for any users. This perforated surface enables water to flow away quickly and is not liable to corrode.

For areas with a limited rise, our Folding Threshold Ramps are ideal, as they are designed to provide a small lift over doorways and kerbs. If you’ve never tried moving a wheeled unit or a wheelchair over a raised area, then you’d be surprised at just how difficult this task can be, so make it a simpler process with one of these ramps.

Even the smallest of kerbs can be an issue if someone is in a wheelchair or using a piece of equipment that runs on wheels. We have many items to help you solve this problem, all of which are safe, reliable and very easy to install.

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