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Long Ladders are used in numerous industries and perform a variety of tasks. They enable your team to reach high areas, such as loft spaces and rooftops, to carry out essential maintenance or repairs. Painters prefer this type of ladder, as it can adapt to their changing needs, both on the inside and outside of buildings. The height of Long Ladders is easy to change depending on how high a person needs to reach, and they slot into place securely when being used. If you need one ladder that’s perfect for many tasks, then a long ladder is right for you.

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Buying Guide

In any situation where you or your team need a ladder to reach higher areas, opt for a long ladder. It can be used for work on utilities, by electricians, by painters and in many types of warehouses. These ladders can be folded away for easy storage and won’t take up valuable space in your workshop when they are not in use. Our 16 Rung Adjustable Ladder is built to last in aluminium with reinforced hinges. It has the versatility of many other ladders, all in one unit, and can even be used as a workbench to save on space. When it’s not needed, this ladder can be folded down to fit inside a compact area. For any project where you need to access hard-to-reach areas in a safe manner, our 16 Rung Adjustable Ladder with a Scaffold Board can get the job done through its combination of convenient features. This item also folds up conveniently for storage. When transportation is of premium importance, our Telescopic Ladder provides the perfect fit for your van. It is manufactured using rust-resistant aluminium but is also extremely light and easy to carry. For precision expanding, this ladder can be lengthened rung by rung and won’t trap fingers due to its anti-pinch system. It’s a great choice for contractors and surveyors who spend a lot of time on the road and never know when a ladder will be needed during the day. To keep your vehicle clean and protect your ladder from knocks while in transit, you can choose to purchase our Xtend and Climb Telescopic Ladder together with a carry case.

If your staff members require a solution for performing elevated tasks while remaining safe at all times, then our long ladder range includes many items that fit the bill. Each of our products is designed for trade and produced with the highest-quality materials. We want our customers to come back time after time, so you can trust us to sell the best ladders available.

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