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Heavy Duty Step Ladders

When your workplace has high places that are hard to reach, getting to them safely can be risky. However, with the right step ladders, your team can get jobs such as cleaning, painting and minor repairing done quickly and efficiently. Our Heavy-Duty Step Ladders are available in a range of dependable, sturdy and robust designs for each type of trade or industry. Painters, decorators, window cleaners and electricians alike need a reliable set of steps that are ideal for any elevated tasks. Moreover, knowing that your staff are using the best equipment for the job will help you enjoy peace of mind.

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Buying Guide

Step ladders are in use across all industry sectors and provide an alternative to longer ladders that lean against a surface. These ladders are self-contained and can be unfolded, then set to work in numerous locations, assuming that the surface they are placed upon is level. Whatever your trade, a step ladder is a vital part of your tool kit; you can find models that are suitable for lighter duties and others that deal with a more punishing daily workload. Our Heavy-Duty Aluminium Steps have a large platform in the centre to make it easier for users to keep their balance as well as oversized feet for extra stability. If your working environment is harsher than average, then these are the right buy for you. For caretakers, warehouse workers and odd-jobs people, these steps can maintain peak performance in difficult conditions. They keep your tools securely in position and won’t let you down. If either you or members of your team are working up high and need to stick to a schedule, then step ladder accessories can make all the difference. Our Fibreglass Step is designed to clip onto a ladder easily and stay put. Its bucket contains your tools and essentials while you climb, resulting in fewer trips up and down and less time spent on the task. If electrical hazards are a particular issue in your facility, then our non-conductive Fibreglass Swingback Step Ladders will safeguard your staff. They are a sturdy choice that provides a great alternative to traditional ladders, which can be inclined to wobble. For people who need to access goods from many different areas of a stockroom, our Store Picker step ladders can get your team to higher shelves easily, and they have a central handle to offer added security. They are created with retail in mind and have four wheels to make them manoeuvrable through tighter spaces and along aisles.

In our collection of heavy-duty step ladders, we have the right model for any type of work and environment.

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