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Heavy Duty Ladders

Undertaking any kind of task in a high place can be dangerous without the correct type of ladder. From simple paint jobs and electrical work to cleaning and carrying out repairs, day-to-day tasks can be done faster and safer when you have a heavy-duty ladder to rely on. Our collection of Heavy-Duty Ladders is particularly varied, giving every customer plenty of choices when it comes to buying the best model for their individual workplaces. With the right kind of elevation, you can keep your premises free of accidents and your staff safe from injuries when they are working at heights.

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Buying Guide

We want to help you to pick the right ladder for your needs and ensure that you are working as safely as possible. Many people believe that all ladders do the same job and that there is very little difference between all of the assorted types on the market. However, using the correct ladder for each specific job or job type is always a safer and more efficient way to work. During the business day, you and your team are likely to carry out many tasks around the workshop or factory floor, as all professionals do, but how do you make sure that you have the best equipment for what needs to be done? When choosing a step ladder, telescopic ladder or extendable ladder for your home or workplace, there are a number of factors that you should consider.

The first stage of purchasing a ladder that will serve your workplace for years is selecting the appropriate style for the job that it will do. The various categories of ladder all have different features; some are designed with handrails for use when standing up, others can be transformed into workbenches and some are more suited for highly elevated work. Always choose a ladder that is fit for the purpose that you have in mind, and take note of any limitations mentioned.

Extending ladders have a long reach and a considerable load capacity, but if you don’t need to work above ceiling height, then step ladders could be a better choice, especially if a handhold is required for balance on trickier tasks. On a step ladder, people can safely stand two steps down from the top rung, so if most tasks are carried out at a lower level, then this is a good option. If you travel frequently, then a telescopic ladder is a much better idea, as it folds down for transport.

In the first instance, the material from which a ladder is made may not seem especially significant, but whether it’s constructed of fibreglass or aluminium is very important. Each of these materials has its own strengths and weaknesses, and these make certain ladders better for particular environments or jobs. Most electricians or people who work near overhead electrical wires use a fibreglass ladder, as it won’t act as a conductor if something goes wrong. Aluminium ladders are favoured by people who want a lightweight ladder that is resistant to corrosion and will be used outdoors frequently.

All ladders have a weight limit that they can safely maintain. This figure does not simply refer to the people who will be using the ladder; it also includes the weight of their clothing, their tools and any other equipment that they have with them. When in doubt, go for a higher load-bearing capacity.

If you need a heavy-duty ladder for your business, then browse through our huge selection on offer to find the best design for you.

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