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Access Equipment

Access Equipment is designed to allow people to work safely at a significant height or reach awkward areas of a building with minimal effort. The focus of using this equipment is always on reducing the risk of injuries that can occur when people are required to work at elevated levels. To help you overcome this problem, we have a wide range of Access Equipment on offer, divided into four key sections. These sections can assist you in narrowing down your choices when selecting the most appropriate items for your workplace. Tasks that take place at a height are specialised, and so is the equipment that can make the process safer and more efficient. When you’re responsible for ordering Access Equipment for your company, we can take some of the pressure off by providing you with the information that you need to decide on a purchase. Using the right appliances, you can ensure that tasks are completed efficiently and securely.

Buying Guide

Buying the best-quality access equipment not only safeguards your staff from accidents and injury, but it also enables them to be as productive as possible. But where do you start?

When you are working within an industrial setting and need to access shelves or units that are out of reach, our Heavy-Duty Steps are the right choice. Our Heavy-Duty Ladders are constructed to be stable and reliable. We also have Three-Way Combination Ladders and Step Ladders for daily tasks in a workshop or retail unit. Whichever application that you have in mind, there are ladders that can help you accomplish your task.

Getting to a specific height in order to perform complex maintenance work or a detailed stock take is difficult without the correct access equipment. Our Work Platforms and Lifters section contains various options that are right for the job.

If you have entrances and interior spaces in your workplace with raised thresholds, steps or barriers of any other kind, then one of our Heavy-Duty Ramps is exactly what you need. These ramps make the transition from one area to another smooth and easy.

Using equipment that is manufactured with the right material for the environment that you work in and the tasks that you undertake is important. Over time, choosing an appropriate material will pay dividends in terms of longevity and safety, providing you with many years of secure, dependable service.

If you are seeking access equipment that is non-conductive and durable, then fibreglass will not let you down. Access equipment made from this material is ideal for any type of outdoor task and essential for tradespeople who work alongside live electrical cables. In comparison to other materials that are non-conductive, such as wood, fibreglass is more robust, easier to transport and lighter. It resists dents, cracks well and won’t twist under duress. Even in adverse weather conditions, fibreglass won’t begin to corrode.

Aluminium is lighter than wood and can be stored outdoors without fear of corrosion; it’s also very tough and won’t burn. Many tradespeople prefer aluminium, as it is so easy to maintain and often more cost-effective than other materials. Our aluminium access equipment is made using high-tensile metal that is strong enough to withstand everyday bumps and knocks without sustaining any damage. There’s no need to worry about adding a protective coating of paint, as aluminium does not suffer sun damage or dry out with age.

Heavy-Duty Steps are durable and easy to transport around a building, enabling staff to pick components from a shelf or carry out repairs in safety.

Heavy-Duty Ladders work equally well at a variety of elevations and can be adjusted to the demands of any particular job.

In the Work Platforms and Lifters category, our Self-Propelled Scissor Access Platform enables an operator to move around in an elevated position unaided.

Our Folding Work Platform is a much simpler and more compact item.

Three-Way Combination Ladders and Step Ladders offer superior flexibility.

Heavy-Duty Ramps are simple to install and provide access to not only wheelchair users but also anyone who may be pushing a wheeled unit, including a trolley or wheelbarrow.

In our Heavy-Duty Ladders section, you’ll find Fibreglass Swingback Step Ladders for small jobs and Fibreglass Combination Ladders for those times when you are working in a higher position.


Q: Can Welco assist me in choosing the right access equipment for my workplace?

A: Yes! We strive to provide the best access equipment available to our customers. Whatever your requirements, we can help you find the best appliances for the job.

Q: Is a printed catalogue available for further reading about your access equipment?

A: Yes, our catalogue request page allows you to order our printed Big Book.

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